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DJ Times feature - June 14, 2021

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electronic music with an organic soul


Synthesizers, guitars, a collection of percussion instruments from around the globe, field recordings and extensive sound design are all brought together in Mike's debut solo album, nish

Named after Mike's beloved grandmother Eiko "Nish" Hiratzka who passed away at age 101 during the 2020 pandemic.


Mike is an American electronic musician born in LA and currently based in Miami Beach.


He cut his teeth in the late 80s as an alternative rock guitarist. After sitting in on a studio session with some friends, he got the studio bug and pursued a degree in recording engineering. While studying in Orlando, he was exposed to the vibrant electronic music scene that was exploding at the time. The futuristic sounds emanating from those massive club sound systems had a huge impact on Mike, and made him think about music production, and the possibilities for his own music, in a completely different way.


At the beginning of his studies he had wanted to be a rock engineer and producer, but his time in Orlando initiated an evolution that culminated in Mike becoming a well-traveled progressive house DJ, producer and engineer. Over the next 15 years Mike had dozens of releases and remixes on iconic labels including Ultra Records and Alternative Route Recordings, as well as running his own label Lost Angeles Recordings.


A chance opportunity in 2010 took him on a decade-long journey around the globe several times as a touring music programmer for pop and rock artists. He spent the 2010s on the road with artists including Justin Timberlake (3 tours including a stadium tour co-headlining with Jay Z), Rihanna, Hugh Jackman, Evanescence, Charlie Puth, Toni Braxton and Akon. This time provided continual inspiration from this unique, global exposure to modern music; experiencing it through the eyes, ears and voices of millions of audience members, and acquiring a deeper understanding of music's universal appeal that transcends traditional cultural borders.


Currently in his Miami Beach studio finishing his debut solo album, nish, he has created a piece of work that pays tribute to his musical history of ethereal, synthetic soundscapes, shimmering guitars, deep bass grooves, emotive vocals, and intricate, psychedelic sound design.


His catalog also includes unreleased songs available for licensing and distribution.



Visit Mike on YouTube

Mike is planning a series of videos live from his studio in Miami.  Click the link below for more information.


La Vida

After a recent visit to the Perez Art Museum Miami, Mike was inspired to write his piece La Vida while observing the painting Batellas Permanentes de la Existencia Transitoria by Miami artist Carlos Estevez.  Mike recorded the piano part live, and later added Mellotron strings and an Ebow guitar part.  The image is used with the permission of Carlos Estevez.  Visit Carlos' Instagram at the link below.

Collaborate with Mike

Are you an artist, musician or producer interested in collaborating with Mike?  Feel free to contact him through this website with any inquiries.